Episode 9: A Lens on Life and Design: A Conversation with Photographer, Simon Devitt

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by a childhood slideshow, each frame a stepping stone on the path to your future?

Simon Devitt, a renowned New Zealand photographer, joins us to share a laugh and trace the serendipitous journey from those familial beginnings to the pinnacle of architectural photography.

With his camera, Simon captures more than structures; he documents the intersection of human experience and design, reminding us that every picture holds a story …

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Architecture. A hot topic, a buzz word, a realm for the rich and famous, or the thing that your step uncle does?

Design Principles Pod unpacks the good, the bad and the downright reality of the architectural and construction industry. With insights from industry professionals and personal anecdotes from hosts Sam Brown, Ben Sutherland and Gerard Dombroski, you will be given a look behind the closed pages of those fancy looking moleskins.

Tune in and redline out.

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Modernist Icons Book by gestalten

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Proud to see my pictures of a New Zealand icon, Brake House by Ron Sang, featured in the latest Gestalten publication ‘Modernist Icons’. A truly beautiful book!
Cape to Bluff Launch 2023

Cape to Bluff Launch at ECC

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The launch of the Cape to Bluff at ECC’s Auckland showroom was a fantastic night, attended by 170 guests. Thanks to everyone who supported the book!

Once upon a photograph

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The storytelling power of editorial features and photo-books reflects the narrative nature of photography, which to me, is its true power. Cleverly allowing the viewer a sense of discovery, editorial features and photo-books tell a story, but also act as the perfect vehicle for creating and conveying new ideals.