Architect’s Portraits

Family portraits sit at the very centre of my practice as a photographer and inspire everything else I do, providing both a strong foundation and context to my work. 

I blame my Dad and the beautiful pictures he made of us as a family for igniting in me this curiosity that I hold so dear. It is where my sense of respect stems from, as well as an understanding of their importance and what they represent. Family portraits reveal how we revere the moments they capture and the memories they evoke, so fervently vivid we can almost touch them. They recall and remake memories from our imagined past, each memory allowing us to time travel, all the while seducing us with its unreliable route to the present.  

Unusual as it may seem, as my practice evolved its focus on Architecture, family photos and portraits gained particular significance. This feels natural, considering that as a vibrant young country, New Zealand boasts a vibrant young architecture whose history can be easily traced just like a family tree. Photographing New Zealand architects is a way of tracing this lineage and gaining a deeper understanding of the role it plays in its identity. 

Architects’ portraits are also an attempt to capture the unique spirit that inspires their work, perpetuating their creative imprint while making visible the link between the permanence of materials and the transience of life. My practice thus stands at an intersection where people, materials, time and space meet.