The storytelling power of editorial features and photo-books reflects the narrative nature of photography, which is its true power. As they tell their stories, editorial features and photo-books also constitute the perfect vessel for creating and conveying new ideals.

Photograph sequences in a magazine or photo-book describe what people, places and events look like but they also express an intention, as meaning arises as much from what the photographs show as from the relationship between them. To ensure both their beauty and their verisimilitude, these meanings and ideas must be coherent and comprehensible while at the same time they preserve the inherent complexity and contradictoriness of lived experience.

In this sense, editorial features and photo-books mirror the way places are made as our stories emerge from our dwellings and workplaces. Producing images for both printed and digital publications, I find myself condensing the fruitful crossing where these two storying realms converge and reflect each other.