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The Simon Devitt Online Mentoring is an offering for Photographers who are ready to look closer at their potential and purpose. For photographers who are curious and ready to move to a new level, ready to progress beyond their peers. Photographers who are passionate about adding to their skill set and process.

This unique opportunity gives you one-on-one sessions with Simon Devitt, coupled with group coaching, an in depth online curriculum and access to the private group for close contact, support and accountability.

This combination of the personal and group coaching experience will connect you to a small group of Photographers who are on their own journey; people you can safely learn and share with.


I love to give back and one way in which I choose to do so is through a range of workshops in collaboration with different companies and organisations. Over the years, these have included photo-book workshops and courses in which the process and practicalities of creating your own photo book are covered in detail. 

In my workshops in New Zealand, Finland, the US (Nashville) and Japan, I have supported participants as they discover new perspectives, make a start with creating or further developing their own visual language, and make their own snaps more interesting. 

Canon and Momento Pro are among the sponsors that have supported these workshops.


I have been grateful for the opportunity to discuss my practice in a variety of contexts in the US (Nashville) and throughout New Zealand. These have included the Shifter Summit, regional branches of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, the New Zealand Designers Institute and many other great organisations. I have also spoken at occasions such as Semi-Permanent, Pecha Kucha, for Design Assembly and InFocus – an event for professional photographers, aspiring photographers and students in New Zealand. 

Would you like to hear more about my passion for photography? Please get in touch. 


It was a great honour to lecture at the University of Auckland, where I led a course in Photography of Architecture between 2009-2019. It was a privilege to be able to talk about photography and share some of the processes I had developed over the years as a photographer with some of the School’s finest students.

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The launch of the Cape to Bluff at ECC’s Auckland showroom was a fantastic night, attended by 170 guests. Thanks to everyone who supported the book!

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The Shifter Summit, Nashville, March 2024. The World’s First Immersive Architecture/Interior/Hospitality Photography Retreat.

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The storytelling power of editorial features and photo-books reflects the narrative nature of photography, which to me, is its true power. Cleverly allowing the viewer a sense of discovery, editorial features and photo-books tell a story, but also act as the perfect vehicle for creating and conveying new ideals.