German Design Awards – 2018

Rannoch wins Excellence at German Design Awards in 2018

I am thrilled to announce that my photo-book ‘Rannoch’, designed by Inhouse Design has won the German Design Council award in the print design category. The prestigious and long standing awards programme recognises excellence across a broad range of design disciplines at the National and International level.

Description of Rannoch
Rannoch, a gracious Arts and Crafts style property on the side of Auckland’s Mt Eden volcano, exudes the character, energy and passions of its current resident, Sir James Wallace. Known as one of New Zealand’s biggest arts patrons, Sir James began purchasing and commissioning works in the 1960s after being inspired by the galleries of Boston while on a scholarship from King’s College. His collection now numbers in excess of 9,000 pieces.

Statement of the jury
The impressive collection is appropriately presented in this beautifully designed catalogue.

Needless to say, all this award-winning publications and more are available right here in my shop!

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