Photobook Of The Year – 2016

Simon Devitt Rannoch Photo Book 2016

Rannoch was awarded joint NZ Photobook of the year!!! I’m thrilled that Rannoch was jointly awarded with ‘Touchy’ by Evangeline Davis. Her book is stunning! This is a really humbling acknowledgment for Rannoch. My very special thanks to Arch MacDonnell and Sarah Gladwell at Inhouse Design for their Immense design genius and patience and to Sir James Wallace for his trust and faith in this project.

Book Description
It has been said that someone’s home is an outward expression of what lies within. Rannoch, a gracious Arts and Crafts style property on the side of Auckland’s Mt Eden volcano, exudes the character, energy and passions of its current resident, Sir James Wallace, one of New Zealand’s biggest arts patrons. Wallace began purchasing and commissioning works in the 1960s and his collection now numbers in excess of 8000 pieces.

This book juxtaposes a wide breadth of contemporary New Zealand art practice with the elegant, century-old interior and exterior spaces of the Rannoch estate, and acknowledges Rannoch’s unique position in the history of New Zealand Art.

Judges’ Comment
A thoughtful architectural essay marrying an exploration of the building with an intimate portrait of Wallace’s life within the space.

Classic architectural voyeurism that poetically presents the mores of the house and its inhabitants. The art collection, the collector and his minions draw a picture of almost Victorian misé-on-scene and class.

The choice of paper and multiple page sizes is visually interesting, as it creates a nice object to touch as well as one with distinction.

Printing onto absorbent stock emphasises the dark, atmospheric nature of Devitt’s photographs – they appear to disappear and be absorbed into the page, leaving a sense of mystery and intrigue.

A portrait of a collector that uses visual elision and metaphor. The artist thought closely about his approach before starting the book.

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