4 Architects

Edited by Stephen Stratford
Designed by Diane Curtis

Bill Alington, Jim Beard, Bill Toomath and Derek Wilson have individually and collectively created an outstanding body of work, rooted in the philosophies of modern architecture, demonstrating a humanity of thought and a mastery of materiality and detail. Their architectural education during the 1940s and early 1950s consisted of brave new ideas being explored at the School of Architecture, and then study abd experience in Europe and the United States which prepared them for their time as architects in practice in Wellington. They embraced the ideas of modernism at its height and sought to bring these qualities of good design to New Zealand architecture. This book, edited by Stephen Stratford and designed by Diana Curtis, includes essays by Paul Walker and Julia Gatley, plus extensive photographs and plans featuring the work of Bill Alington, Jim Beard, Bill Toomath and Derek Wilson.