It’s been said someone’s home is an outward expression of what lies within.  Evidence to suggest a life, a way of living. Rannoch, a gracious Arts and Crafts style property on the side of Auckland’s Mt Eden volcano, exudes the character, energy, and passions of its current resident, Sir James Wallace. Known as one of New Zealand’s biggest arts patrons, Sir James began purchasing and commissioning works in the 1960’s after being inspired by the galleries of Boston while on a scholarship from King’s College. His collection, which now numbers in excess of 8000 pieces has, for many years brought a juxtaposition between a wide breadth of contemporary New Zealand art practice and the elegant, century-old interior and exterior spaces of the Rannoch estate.
To acknowledge Rannoch’s unique position in the history of New Zealand Art and to celebrate it’s centenary as a dwelling, a publication has been commissioned to capture its essence by Simon Devitt, International Photographer of Architecture.