Architect’s Portraits

It may seem to be an anomaly of sorts that family photographs and portraits sit at the very centre of my practice as a photographer. 

They’re fixed as the foundation and provide the context for everything else I do.

I blame my Dad for provoking in me this curiosity that I now hold so dear—because of the beautiful pictures he made of us as a family. Those pictures he made of our family, in turn, led to a respect and understanding of the importance of what all family photos and portraits represent. 

These images reveal how we revere those moments, and the memories they ignite, that are so fervent we can almost touch them. 

Even pictures we look at from times past that we may not recollect accurately, help to recall and remake a memory from our imagined past.

Each memory allows us to time travel, all the while seducing us with its unreliable route to the present.